Is It Possible to Protect Data from Government Spying?

The United States, the United Kingdom and many other developed nations have laws that protect the private data of citizens and businesses from government spying. While such laws aim to help citizens, the reality is that governments have so much power and so many resources that they can spy on whatever data they choose. Simply put, laws make citizens feel better, but they may not be an actual deterrent.

So is there a way that people can protect their data from government spying? The answer is complicated, but while people may not be able to protect all of their data from the government all of the time, there are steps that citizens can take to make it harder to steal that data.

Data Theft

While the government is capable of illegally viewing data, there is no guarantee that it will. For all of the internet conspiracies about the NSA or the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) spying on citizens, the reality is that businesses and citizens involved in normal activities have little to worry about. The biggest threats might come from foreign governments, especially if a company holds sensitive intellectual property like new technology or something that pertains to national security.

Still, many would feel better knowing the government cannot break into their data. For this peace of mind, business owners and citizens should educate themselves on the steps that will, if nothing else, make it harder for their government to break into their data.

Make Them Work for It

As with most types of theft, the harder it is to steal what is wanted, the more effort it will require to take it. Keeping information secure from the government is the same as protecting it in general. Organizations that want to protect their information should use cybersecurity best practices, such as encrypting transmissions, routinely changing passwords, using multi-factor authentication and using virtual private networks.

While these steps may not stop a strong government from gaining access, it will slow someone down, especially government employees who may use government resources for their own benefit.

Never Truly Safe

Unfortunately, no data is 100 percent safe. Though governments pose a credible threat due to the resources they have at its disposal, companies and citizens can still take proactive measures to protect their data as much as possible.